Combining one Excel Document info one data.frame

Combining multiple Excel Documents into one data.frame

Combining multiple Excel Documents in a directory into one data.frame

directory = "dataSheetsDir"
allFiles = list.files(directory)

#create function to check file extentions 
endsWith <- function(var, match) {
  return (substr(var, pmax(1, nchar(var) - nchar(match) + 1), nchar(var)) == match)

  return (endsWith(fileName, ".xls") | endsWith(fileName, ".xlsx"))

#get all files that end with tab.txt
data = data.frame()
for(file in allFiles){
    #create empty data.frame that will hold data for this excel file
    fileData = data.frame()
    #get the sheet names for this file
    sheetNames = readxl::excel_sheets(file)
    #iterate over the sheet names, adding to the fileData frame as each sheet is read in
    for(sheet in sheetNames){
      sheetData = readxl::read_excel()
      #add the sheet name as a column to the data.frame
      sheetData["sheet"] = sheet
      #if this is the first sheet, and therefore fileData is empty just replace the empty data.frame with the sheet data.frame
      #otherwise add the rows of this sheet data.frame to file data.frame
      if(0 == nrow(fileData)){
        fileData = sheetData
        dplyr::bind_rows(fileData, sheetData)
    #add a column to hold the filename from which the data came from
    fileData["filename"] = file
    #if the master data data.frame for all files is empty, just replace with the current file data.frame
    #otherwise just add the current file's data to the already growing data.frame
    if(0 == nrow(data)){
      data = fileData
      dplyr::bind_rows(fileData, sheetData)

Combining multiple Excel Documents in a directory and sub-directories into one data.frame